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chargers. >> shep: first, two hours to go until the final face-off between president obama and governor mitt romney. in boca raton, florida, tonight's topic, foreign policy. they said the president would be the favorite, analysts said. that was before the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed the ambassador to libya and three other americans. since then the president has been slipping in the polls. look at the latest survey here in florida. a crucial swing state. last month, president obama had a nine-point advantage on foreign policy among like ri voters, now it's down to one point. that is a statistical tie. then the state of ohio, obviously another key battleground state. president has lost six points on foreign policy there but his lead is still outside the margin of error. among likely voters nationwide there is a new post poll that shows the president's lead on handling international affairs has dropped from seven points to three points, a statistical tie. tonight we're learning more about what intelligence officials told the president about the consulate attack aft
battleground state. president obama's lead among women voters in virginia is down 12 points and it's six points. it shows the president and governor are tied at 47% among women voters nationwide. month ago he a 16-point lead. women are projected to make up more than 16% of the electorate. they have cut the men 13 points to five points. a spokesperson says she is not buying it. any poll that shows us tied with women and men is not a poll we are placing bets on in vegas. president targeting three it's a as he wraps up a 48-hour campaign marathon and governor romney is doing the make or break battleground of ohio. carl cameron in defiance, ohio tonight and ed henry he is with the president in cleveland. what is he trying to do with women to get them back if in the fold. >> reporter: president was on with jay leno and brought up social issues will bring women back in the fold. romney is focusing on the economy something that men and women care about. rolling stone interview says he referred mitt romney as a b.s. they said don't focus on the profanity what he meant president mitt romney flip flopts
jumping aed ahead of president obama for the first time since the conventions. the governor halls a new 1 point lead in the new "the washington post" tracking poll that's a sta tis it particular call tie. itunder scores president obama's challenge. it's the lowest approval rating for the president since late last month. and that survey was done before the final debate. today, the president and governor romney picked um where they left off last night. the president says americans cannot trust the governor because he is, quote: all over the map. >> we're accustomed to seeing politicians change their positions from like four years ago. we are not accustomed to seeing politicians change their position from four days ago. >> attacks on me are not an agenda. the president -- we have gone through four debates now. we have gone through four debates with the vice presidential debate and my debates and we haven't heard an agenda from the president. that's why his campaign is taking on water and our campaign is suppose full speed ahead. >> shepard: now the president is handing out a new booklet. a
turned into new campaign ammo for president obama and governor romney with election day 11 days away. we have more on the political back and forth in just a moment. first, rich edson from fox business is live from d.c. explain why the economy got the boost out of this thing if you could. >> uncle sam, shep. solid boost in government spending up nearly 10%. this helped expand the u.s. economy. defense spending increased 13%. government spending on everything else is up 3% there are other factors like personal consumption, that's the amount u.s. consumers buy that increased by 2%. housing also improved growth. holding back the economy, american businesses spending less and exporting fewer products. and the drought in the midwest, shep. >> shepard: what did wall street have to say about all of this? >> the g.d.p. report was slightly better than analysts had expected. the u.s. markets opened up. major averages fell on disappointing profit reports and weak economic outputs. hovered around even for the rest of the afternoon. the dow jones industrial average finished up 3.5. the nasdaq finished
president obama. today, they sent him a letter that reads, in part: this latest revelation only adds to the confusion surrounding what you and your administration knew about the attacks in benghazi, when you knew it, and why you responded to those tragic events in the way that you did. it's fox top story and ed henry is on it. he is live on the campaign trail this afternoon in denver. what about a response from the white house, ed? >> well, shep, it's interesting because you're right. this raises new questions about why ambassador susan rice went out there several days after the attack and suggested this was because, you know, a spontaneous reaction to a video and not terror. given the fact that within two hours of the attack the white house was actually getting these emails. they were coming into the white house situation room. it also raises questions about two days after ambassador rice's tv appearances jay carney was at the white house podium again saying in his words saying there was concrete evidence that this was tied to the video, suggesting it was not a terror attack. today
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)